Plus-size Actress, Monalisa Stephens, who is known to be very confident of her body, has a message for those who feel she shows off “Skin” just to mainly preach body positivity.

According to Monalisa, anytime she wears a skin-revealing dress, she does it because she wants to wear it and she likes it. She does it for herself and not because she wants to get an opinion from anybody else.

In her words ;

You don’t Have to Show Skin To Preach “Body Positivity “ Yeah True but you got it wrong.
Whenever I show Skin. wearing a Bikini or A crop top , I’m not wearing it only for body positivity. I’m wearing it because I want to wear it , because I love the way it look on my body . It’s for me . I’m not dressing or looking good for you .

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