A girl and her mother commonly called the Efotete family due to their hilarious food video shared how the Holy Spirit provided for their needs when they were broke by sharing lottery numbers i.e. Baba Ijebu in the dream.

In the funny interview, the girl explains her testimony while her mother corroborates the story with @mrlilgaga, a content creator.

She said whenever they are broke and have nothing to eat, they pray to God for help and the Holy Spirit gives them the numbers to play in the dream but because the mother neither likes the sport nor believes her daughter’s claims, they end up putting little money which brings a sizeable yield.

According to them, it is a win every time this happens. To them, God did it and gave them provision.

Netizens reacted, and while some believed the tall tale with a story of theirs to say, the majority laughed to scorn and warned them lying against the Spirit of God.

Read some of the comments below,

@igbalaghemmanue: Wow send for me other time abeg make i use my life saving play am comout for poverty
@_cocokaramel_: Ahhhbaaaaa Lotto and Holy Spirit Common now😹😹😹
@carsblogerrrr: Tell this people Holy Spirit doesn’t forgive oh, if this is a lie, if this people are using Holy Spirit for content, they should be ready to face anything that comes their way!
@Folasheycrown22: When my sister d!€d she usually give me number in the dream, I saw number for complete 1month,bcos mum really spent all her money when she was sick. Sometimes the numbers will be written in the sky. Sometimes I might not be dreaming when I check my palm numbers will written there. One time I sat in my mum shop and I look up the sky and saw two numbers I gave people and they won.


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