Solomon Buchi

Controversial online personality, Solomon Buchi has explained why Christians shouldn’t listen to worldly songs by artistes like Beyonce and Cardi B.

In a lengthy post shared on his Twitter page, Solomon Buchi said most secular songs have perverse, immoral and profane lyrics that Christians shouldn’t feed their ears with.

According to him, worldly songs permeate the minds of believers and prevent them from being spiritually alert.

Referencing the part of the Bible where an evil spirit left Saul when David was playing a musical instrument, Solomon asserted that it’s possible to attract demons and spirits through songs so it’s better for Christians to desist from worldly songs.

Solomon Buchi

Read his full post below,

“Christian, there are many famous musicians you must not listen to. Beyoncé is one of them, Cardi B, and others. Beyoncé’s music has occasional outbursts of profanity against the Bible. One of her lyrics reads: “I plugged my menses with pages from the holy book.” This is SATANISM.

Many of her songs illustrate impiety and promote symbols that represent spiritual murkiness. This might be considered slanderous to some of you that tenaciously stan her, however, as Christians, we don’t stan people because they are popular, we stan Godly representation,

She and her compeers promote an overtly sensual and vainly lustrous perception of womanhood. Is she talented? Yes! Is she a good performer? Yes! But talent doesn’t equal godliness and worldly excellence doesn’t justify God’s presence.

It is same with Christians who listen to Nicki Minaj, and the rest who constantly talk about their privates. Really amoral lyrics. WAP. Why should a Christian listen to songs like this? What exactly does it do to your mind?

They may have trendy beat and irresistible melodies, but they are created to masturbate your mind away from spiritual alertness. I am a musician, I play the guitar and I can tell you for free that music is powerful! Highly powerful. David played the harp and demons left Saul.

If it’s possible to chase away demons through music, isn’t it logically consistent to assume that it’s possible to attract certain demons and spirits through music? With our lukewarm Theo-cultural sensitivity, this might seem like a weak take.

Have you ever wondered why it is easy to legit memorize the lyrics of a song than to read a book? Music, they say, is the language of the soul. Music can make you enjoy words you would abhor if they were merely spoken to you. Melodies make you enjoy what you should spit out.

As an audiophile and deeply musically inclined person, I appreciate a wide range of musical ingenuity, but I had to cut off many. There are songs that just come with a sense of depression. Why should you listen to songs that create a mood that’s against your wellness ?

Have you ever listened to songs that made you feel what you had never experienced? That’s the potency of carefully crafted lyrics and melodic doodles. Every song that kicks you into a mind-sphere that’s anti biblical values should be avoided.

For some Christians, the impediment to the renewal of your mind is the songs you listen to. It’s impossible to desire chastity and be listening to songs that promote lust and provoking lyrics. You can’t, my friends. Music doesn’t need so much of your permission, it permeates.

If you desire spiritual growth, you should definitely stop listening to a lot of songs. If they promote nudity, immoral attitudes, and godlessness, avoid them. Avoid them. No.

I’m not asking you to cancel any musician. Nobody is beyond redemption, however, as a Christian, you must say NO to many things everyone have no problem with. This conversation is not a matter of it being a sin or NOT. It’s a matter of focusing on things that are pure.”

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