In this Spice interview, beautiful actress Kiki Omeili talks about her background, education and more, enjoy!

I was born in Lagos but I am a native of Anambra State. I am the second child of my parents and I have three siblings.

My father was a banker and my mother was a comptroller of prisons in Ibadan, Oyo State.

I developed a liking for the arts when I partook in several stage productions in primary and secondary school. I studied Medicine at University of Lagos.

Some people think I’m crazy to have quit medicine for a career in acting. I’m just doing what I love. When I was in secondary school, I was always interested in stage performances and debates.

When it was time for me to go to the university, I chose to study Medicine.

However, by the time I was done studying Medicine, I realised that I was still drawn to the arts. I practised for a little while, but I needed to go with my passion.

After completing my National Youth Service Corps programme at a health centre in Ajeromi Ifelodun Local Government Area of Lagos State, I found my way into acting almost immediately.

My first role was that of a lead actor in a drama series titled, Beyond the Smile, in 2011. I am best known for my role in Blessing Egbe’s TV series, Lekki Wives and I have gone ahead to star in over 30 productions.

At the onset of my career, many producers did not even know that I trained as a medical doctor.

In fact, many of them got to know this aspect of my life by chance or mere coincidence.

Even though some persons are of the opinion that I am harsh in some of the movies that I feature in, I don’t think that I am being typecast.

I consider myself a method actor. A lot of the times, I rehearse my lines in front of a mirror. I do this to take note of my facial expressions and intonation. I constantly like to hone my skills. I also read a lot of acting books, notably the Actor’s Bible.

I also watch a lot of movies because I love to learn how other actors interpret their characters. I observe people a lot by studying how they react to other people and situations.

It gives me a variety of reactions to choose from, depending on the character that I’m asked to portray.

High points
Receiving the award for the ‘Best Actress (Supporting Role in an English Language film)’ at the 17th African Film Awards, in London, barely a year after making my acting debut, remains dear to my heart.

My role in the movie titled Sting, won me the award for the Best Supporting Actress at the 2015 Global Icons Academy Movie Awards, which held in the United States of America.

Current projects
I made my debut as a movie producer in May, with the release of a short film titled Unprotected.

The film is based on true events that I observed as a medical student. It tells the story of a philandering husband and the consequences he leaves his family to bear.

I played the lead character alongside Eric Didie, Bimbo Ademoye, Blessing Ambrose and Nathan Kingsley in supporting roles. I hope to produce a couple of other short films and also shoot a feature film in future.

Funnily enough, I like to unwind by going to the cinemas to see a good movie. I also like to hang out with friends because I am a people person.

I carry out a lot of stretches and breathing exercises. I am only able to convincingly portray any role by paying attention to the tone of my voice and how well I project.

When you are able to control your breath by ensuring that it comes to your diaphragm, it becomes a lot easier to control your voice.

I love uncomplicated designs and I don’t follow trends blindly. My style is simple and classy.

I will get married when the time is right. When I see my husband, I will know. If I start naming the qualities I want in a man, I may end up with somebody that does not possess these qualities.

However I like intelligent, God-fearing and independent men.

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