Vincent Enyeama and Sunday Oliseh

Following the reports of newly elected Super Eagles coach Sunday Oliseh, who made quite an adjustment in the Super Eagles team by replacing their captain, Vincent Enyeama, he, on Wednesday explained why he carried out such an act.

His move ignited a serious quarrel between the coach and his goalkeeper on Tuesday in Belgium where the Nigerian team are camping.

In an exclusive interview with PUNCH, the Eagles coach revealed he chose Ahmed Musa as the new captain because he wanted a player that was not set to retire.

He said:

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“A lot is built around the captain and the way he carries on with the job means a lot to the team. A captain (Vincent Enyeama) who has said many times that he was retiring. From the onset he told me that and he has continued to say that. Now we are rebuilding a team to last over a long period of time.

“In his absence Musa stepped in and he did the job perfectly. Vincent has done his bit and I felt we could start a transition period but instead he tried to make it his right to remain as the captain. But it is not his prerogative to decide who leads the team. It does not happen anywhere.”

The coach said that everything said in the course of argument was basically on the team and football. He said he was alarmed when other stories were added to it.

“It was simply an attempt to whip up emotions that created other matters; issues were introduced unfairly into the matter,” he said.

In response, Enyeama told Punch:

”Everything is okay now, there are no problems. I’m not against anybody being captain of the team but I deserve an explanation.

“Even in your house, when your father suddenly says, ‘go and sleep,’ you will want to know why the sudden decision was taken. I always want to give my best to my country but in situations like these, I deserve an explanation. I don’t want to say much because I will talk at the appropriate time.”


  1. U see why l de vex some times for my people if na aboki he no go sack am he go try to work with him to get results.

  2. Abeg no play politics with football! Abi u want attract buhari for favour by making his aboki brother captain of super eagles.I bet you,you will endup as the worst coach ever.

  3. The reason many local coaches fail. Virtually all fail to man manage their experience players. I wonder how they intend to transit. Little wonder players don’t give their all for the team if they get kick out like enyeama

  4. I don’t have any problem with his choice of whoever he wants as captain being the team’s Coach… But such should have been done in a better and more dignifying way… I had thought that the rift that led to expulsion was caused by lateness to camp…

  5. Oliseh is a fool, his attitude is un-Igbo. That you live in Europe doesn’t change your culture or upbringing . To humiliate Vinny Enyeama because of the mother’s death and funeral is uncalled for. If I was in his shoes I would have beaten him up mercilessly. That skinny twerp can’t stand Vincent and he knows that. That’s why he called security guards. The law of karma will catch up with him soon.

  6. sunday oliseh you are a fool and you have already started losing against dr congo yesterday let see what you will do against belgium

  7. You could have relegated him without much noise. Experience matters much. All you need to have done was to limited the number of invitations to him in subsequent games and he’ll find his level. Removing him from his position as captain and team leader and making him your third choice goalkeeper wasn’t the best done in the public and outside the shores of this nation

  8. Oliseh you have no genuine reason for removing Enyama from supper eagles other than that you are jealous of his success and achievements which you could not match through out your playing career. Remember there God in heaven.

  9. What ever we do in life, we should keep sentiment, tribalism, politics aside. When this is done.we will come out with good result. Our dear coach before taking such decision, u have to compare and contrast. I believe Vicent has done well. I say kudos to him and I wish him the best.

  10. Enyeama please let your anger come down,youare my best in super eagle,i wil really miss u andmany others will miss you too.For now no need ofwatching Nigeria playing again,because you arethe main man who always attract me to watchSuper eagle playing.Even when they are winningus and you are there my hope will rise becauseyou will make a change.I love and i will missu.Oliseh will surely regret this.

  11. Why most lgbo are tribalistic i swear if sunday oliseih were made captaincy to one igbo player no any igbo man will raise a voice

  12. Oliseh honestly i am so disapointed wth ur decision on Enyeama,does it mean that good thing can not last well?enyeama u are talking about is it not him that we are watching week out week in in french league,why so much hatread?cant u stil be useing musa as assitant captain?oliseh what do u see in captainship?during ur days in fotball this is the way u drag captain wth both bull nd Jay jay,u ve a bad mind.enyeama nigerian ve spoken well of u.Goodluck i will everly miss u

  13. Is nt oliseh foult is Nigerian fault… bcos during is own time is a good player bt rude. now u r saying some player are rude to u…. better correct ur self bfor u be d wost coach in nigeria

  14. Oliseh, in your days as a player u were so arrogant, u have no respect for anybody now u have come again to disorganise the team don’t worry u will soon cry ur cry. BIG FOOL

  15. My guy return back to Eagle,your late Mother is not happy with this impromto decition,l am not being sentimental about it,remember the support,prayer etc she had with you toward Eagles.

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