Nigerian man brags

An abroad-based Nigerian man, Prince Liberty, has revealed that his wife is his account officer who handles all of his transactions.

Prince, from Enugu State, took to Facebook to make this revelation while reacting to a post of a man who said his wife knows his ATM pin, phone password and knows the amount that comes in and leaves his bank account.

In response, Prince stated that the man’s own is quite small in comparison to his, because he gave his wife his sim card and ATM cards before leaving Nigeria, so she can see all of his transactions.

Prince, who praised his wife, said eventhough she has unrestricted access to his bank account, she always seeks permission before withdrawing funds.

The young man wrote,

“Urs small bro..
Na my wife be my account officer..
My sim card is with her since I left the country
My atm cards
Anytin I need for transactions, authentications or verification online must go through her…
Alert messages dey come in on same sim..
One thing about good woman is when u meet one
You ve notin else to ask for in a woman..
No fear of extravagante spending..
Even on having access to all this about you
They will still always ask for it from u before going ahead to make withdraw or transfer..
Omo I count myself so Lucky to have her bro..
Bcuz I knw the kind of girls we ve out there
Thank God I didn’t jam the wrong one”

Nigerian man brags

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