Ken Nnamani speaks

Former Senate President, Ken Nnamani, has debunked claims that his late wife, Mrs. Jane Nnamani, died from tummy tuck complications.

Mrs. Nnamani passed away after a minor surgery in Enugu on Thursday, May 4, while her husband was out of the country.

Speaking on his wife’s death to newsmen in Abuja, Nnamani said he was in Germany for a routine medical check-up when she died.

 Ken Nnamani speaks

He also refuted reports that his wife passed away due to a botched tummy tuck procedure and disclosed that she died as a result of a diabetes-related complication that arose following her Lipoma surgery.

[Lipomas are non-cancerous growths composed of fatty tissue that can form under the skin. They are typically painless and typically do not require treatment.]

In his words,

“I lost my wife on the 4th of May while I was in Germany for a medical check up. Her demise has created a huge vacuum. She played a role in raising my kids. When I was the President of the Senate, my wife stayed back in the United States of America to take care of my children and guide them through school.

 Ken Nnamani speaks

She didn’t rush to Nigeria to answer the title of the wife of the President of the Senate. She focused on building the family. It’s a major loss to me and my family. So, I’d to return and brief my primary constituency, the media on what has happened. Whatever we achieved in the National Assembly, it was the media that made it possible. They played a major role in what is now called the Third Term Agenda.

I read on social media that I’ve stroke and my wife taking care of me had died. People are abusing the concept of social media. People are using it to dish out falsehood. It is hard to even control it. This is not good for us. People are using the social media to promote malice.

Anybody who has seen my wife cannot associate her with Abdominoplasty or tummy tuck. My wife’s death had nothing to do with tummy tuck. She was a paragon of beauty. There was no man that ever saw Mt wife and didn’t admire her beauty.

Death is for everyone and we will all face it one day. It is unfortunate for people to use social media to promote falsehood. My wife died of lipoma. She had diabetes. She died from complications from diabetes during the surgery. The diabetes complicated the surgery. She woke up from the surgery.

They said I’ve stroke. Anybody can suffer that, but u don’t have it. I only have a small back pain and it comes with age. I’ll give her a befitting final burial.”

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