OC Ukeje has been married to Ibukun Togonu-Bickersteth since 2014. Despite the fact that the couple live apart, it has not affected their union. Ibukun is based in Canada while OC resides mostly in Nigeria.

The actor told Sunday Scoop, “Before we got married, we had the conversations about distance. We keep in touch so that we know what we are both up to. Communication is vital in every relationship. We have a good one and that is what really matters. For us, distance is not an issue and it has many other elements other than my job.

“Marriage has been interesting. We have been able to make the long distance work. I have also learnt a lot in the process and this has made me a happy man and I intend for it to stay that way. “As an adult, you make choices and you must have thought about them, especially something like marriage. So, I don’t think I made a wrong choice on any front. Marriage has more to do with the individual. Marriage is about understanding, making compromises and companionship. And I don’t think that I have ever mentioned that my wife doesn’t understand my job.”

The Amstel Malta Box Office winner also said watching a romantic scene with his wife is not that easy.

He stated, “There’s definitely a degree of comfort, but there’s also the human side of you that hopes the scene doesn’t come off as offensive.”

On venturing into music recently, he said, “It wasn’t a specific plan from the outset, but it wasn’t accidental either; I have always been a singer. I actually started singing before becoming an actor and I worked on some personal songs of my own. When acting took over, I decided to follow that platform. So, when the opportunity to record the soundtrack for a movie came, I took it.

“I guess you can say that this is my debut as a singer. I used to be in different music groups from secondary school days till after university and most of our gigs were in churches and concerts. I don’t intend for it to be a one-off thing. I love that people have accepted this song and they love it. This has given me the extra push and motivation to continue making more beautiful music. I must also exercise the discipline to juggle both crafts.”

He, however, lamented that fame had taken away his privacy. “The perceived invincibility makes it hard to be a public figure. You really can’t enjoy your own space as much as you’d like to, and people just think you can do anything, or you have no fears or you’re always buoyant or you know every important person in the world. “Yes, it is quite a difficult life, and I am a very private person. Even though I am in an obtrusive industry, I mind my business and treat everyone with utmost respect,” he added.

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