Prince Aondona Isaka, a Senior Special Assistant to the Benue State Governor on Local Government Administration, has advised men to try polygamy as a solution to their marital woes.

Isaka gave this advice in a post he shared on his Facebook page on Tuesday, April 11, 2023.

He urged men to marry a second wife if their current wife is giving them trouble instead of resorting to violence.

“If your wife is giving you headaches, marry a second wife instead of beating her,” he wrote.

This quite controversial statement, which advises men who are having problems with their wives to marry a second wife instead of resorting to domestic violence, has however sparked a debate online.

Reacting, a Twitter user @TemitopeOJT asked,

“If the second one gives headache too nko? If the third one gives headache nko? Okay, if the fourth one gives headache nko? Nawa o. This man does not know that every human being gives headache in one form or the other to other human beings.”

@DEdafes, “So if the second one come gv u headache u go marry 3rd one ?? My fellow adams pls if marriage no Dey work divorce and move away. If you like re marry if you want but most importantly have children”.

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