Wife of Billionaire, Dabota Lawson has been hit with allegations of stealing after she launched her cosmetics company called ‘Dabota Cosmetics‘ under Billionaire Wife Ltd, and released into the market her lightening cream which looks almost exactly like counterpart company, ‘Natural Dermis‘ face cream.

The cosmetics company claiming they were stolen from, stated that the wife of the billionaire, knocked off their entire product packaging, bottle, font (style size & placement) & even box labels.

She copied the large descriptive word of the product in handwriting, the glass encased bottle, the silver pump, the English then french description beneath it.

See photos of the very obvious matching bottles with matching handwriting:

dabota steal

dabota steal1

dabota steal2

dabota steal3

dabota steal4

According to Naijagistlive, Natural Dermis, the infuriated company, its representative feel cheated & robbed of their original bottle design by Dabota Cosmetics, adding that:

Natural Dermis has chosen to make this a matter of public knowledge before they begin their legal documentation to make we, the Nigerian public aware of the brands we are patronizing.

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