The post of a lady has sparked an uproar online as netizens trooped to her page to pour out their heart.

The lady had shared via her page on Facebook that she wished we went back to those days when men went to war and never returned.

Her post read; “I wish they’ll bring back those days when Men will go to war and never return”

Her reason for posting such online is unknown but it has attracted a lot of hate comments and reactions.

While some wondered why she would wish for such, others suggested that she made the post out of the hatred she had for men.

Below are some of the reactions,

@Noel Ijezie:  Nne send me your account details. I seem to know what the problem is.

@Tunwo Chibuzor:  What a debased soul indeed. U need therapy to heal from that wrenching hurt. Ofeke

@Mira bel:  every time men this and men that.. Mtceeew make Una leave man and hustle oo. I hate the fact that most young and single ladies on this app will always look for every opportunity to talk down on men.. It is annoying because you don’t know what the future hold for you…

@Cajetan Aguma:  No offense but irrespective of whatever your reasons are for posting this, it an insult to the menhood and I think it hightime u correct yourself and stop creating unnecessary hate desires towards u, you never can tell what the future holds for u. So be good

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