“With the number of tithers, Nigeria should have been the wealthiest nation on earth if tithing was God’s device for prosperity. There were some fathers who paid tithe until they died but at their death there was no money to buy coffin”

Those were the exact words of Nigeria’s controversial pastor, Abel Damina, in one of his sermon video. The statement has gone viral, receiving various opinions from users all over the internet.

The pastor emphasized how paying tithes does not equal prosperity unlike what the mainstream beliefs teach. He said everyone is meant to be rich not only those that pay their tithe but that if it is otherwise, God may be a partial Being who indulges in classism.

Netizens have a lot to say on the resurrected topic and here are some of them:

@Ifeanyi Igwe: Damina will not stop exposing ministry business

@Uchechukwu Unegbu Neubliss-Autos: Tithing is a law of life; you will either pay to your god(in secret)or to the God of all flesh. Your nagging won’t stop it. Till tomorrow, I will keep paying my tithe with all my children inclusive. I think hugging the transformer is a good idea.

@Evangelist Odafe Oghenevwoke: One question: The big church auditorium he has, was tithe & offering involved in the building? If no! Your message is okay. But if yes, this message is hypocrisy. I’m not a church Pastor, I’m a Christian into Evangelism Ministry. I don’t condemn what others sourced from the Bible. What I advocate is: every Christian should practice what they are convinced about.

See the sermon below,

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