Binta Diamond Diallo wants you to stop calling her Wizkid’s baby mama. The Guinean vixen has been posting a series of cryptic quotes on her IG page all week – and this seems to be the icing on the cake.


Wizzy welcomed a son with Binta in January 2016. And although he’s never publicly acknowledged the child, Binta keeps flaunting him on social media – even naming him after his father Ayodeji Balogun Jnr.

Continue to see her rants below:











  1. You were not taken to the alter with ur white gown
    No bride price paid the only price he paid was spendinq a little time wid yhu
    Legs were freely opend and yhu granted free visa to ur paradise..
    He didnt even publicly accept the rumour on social media…
    Now you want us to cut the BabyMama from ur name? No ma ure 5STAR BM

    Even yabaleft couldnt describe u without the use of Babymama

  2. Thats is what you are a baby mama….because u arent married to wizkid yet,we all know u are mother….but that is what u will be addressed whenever wizkid name is mentioned….so babymama make do with that

  3. U ve started having babymamas like your predecessors it does make u look responsible no matter how wealthy u re mostly at this civilize age a responsible man should take his woman to the alter or pay her bride price to be officially or legally address himself married

  4. Baby ma,mother come on Girl is all the same once you carried that child well I would be proud to be called that if I had my first child because is all the Same or do want to be call BABY + MOTHER= BABYMOTHER hmm u better stop been stupid because there’s nothing wrong with that girl. Perhaps we can say “MOTHER” when the baby has grown up to a grown level then we say MOTHER

  5. u gave birth to a child,whos a baby right?u r d mother who gave birth to d child abi?dats why u r addressd in dat manner,,,,who is a mother,,she is smone who is legally married wt her own husband,lives wt her own family n childrn,,so painful u dnt wnt pple to address u as baby mama buh wl advice dat u get married to d father of ur child,if nt u wl still b addressd as baby mama,n if care is nt taken n he didnt marry u n u end up marryin another man instead of wizkid or smtin then u r a baby mama for life,funny enough wizkid 1st baby mama is nt cryin,u whos d 2nd baby mama is shoutin,jst wrk tins out wt ur wizkid n b Prayerful,i pray d lord wl help u out ijn

  6. And you’re still referring to her as ‘baby mama’ then why report the news if even you will not change? Why do you think we will change? Yabaleft una be really lefty, taaa!

  7. A mother is a woman who has a child of her own.
    A wife is a married woman,she mustn’t neccesarily have a child.
    A baby mama is a mother.
    Marriage doesn’t make you a mother only a wife.
    You can be married without a child, you are not mother only a wife.

    • Nothing like baby mama.
      It’s just a stipulated societal name to derogate the image of the woman in question.
      It’s honourable to be a baby mama because a baby mama is a mother.
      Some woman are married without fruit of the womb, a baby mama is far better than them.

    • Duwari ages, sorry to say this as an igbo woman to give birth outside marriage is a disgrace to her family, again a married woman without child is better than a woman giving birth to children without husband ask your mom

    • Dear don’t be angry OK am only telling you not to judge those that have not given birth to children in their husbands house because you are not God. If I chose to kill my children is my choice and not yours one thing is sure i will never beg you for children and for you Joy, you have as many children as you want in your father ‘s house good luck

    • @Ijeoma it depends on d part of lgbo ur from bt no mata wat part they ar everywhere…For once lets be sincere, wuld u hav preferd her to abort it? u will still talk…She said she is a mother and dats tru…to her child, why dispute dat? honestly d way u Nigerians react to issues is somtin else.

    • Gracious Grace Ukariwe read my comment very well before say anything, because I will not watch you or anyone insult women that have done what is honourable before God and man by getting married just because some are still waiting to carry their children, you now said that those that is laying and hashing like fowl without husband is better than them. My dear, in igbo land were i come from, husband is the pride of a woman not how many children you have with men. Before I forget, I am an igbo woman from biafra land not Nigerian Miss America

    • Gracious Grace Ukariwe I checked your profile and find out you are happily married with kids and you saw someone insulting a married woman like you because she have not giving birth to children and you are happy ma’am please tell me what makes a lady that gave birth in his father’s house better than a wife in his husband house. I want to know how you people in America react to issues

  8. I don’t know why all these beautiful intelligent women will reduce themselves to be baby mamas for these musicians. True. You are a mother, but not good enough to be a wife. Don’t complicate your life, what a mess! The most annoying part of this whole thing is that they flaunt the pictures of these children on social media, but so ashamed to identify with the mothers.

    • I pray say she no va do abortion b4 oh …..madam oni if d father was not rich d babe won’t keep d pregnancy…… becus is wizkid… her self sha and has d rite 2 do wat ever she want wit it…..saying she is a mother and not a baby mama …..ani no be baby u be mother 2 ..mother baby baby mama …all na d same

    • @Solomon dear,They’re beautiful not intelligent because if the were intelligent, they wouldn’t be proud to give birth for a man because of his money and fame but will rather pray to God so the man in question marry them before taking motherhood responsibilities. Given birth for him and @the end,he dump you and marry another woman .what is the benefit of making noise on social media…..?because you have a child for a popular guy?haha the question is,would he marry you or are you the first to give birth for a well known guy?mtcheeew!wake up shallow thinking women

  9. Some people are saying shame on her, so she could have aborted the baby ?. I wonder why some girls comment negatively on such posts with insults and some are breast feeding baby right now while typing shame on her without been properly married. U are also baby mama and she is baby mama too, stop saying shame on her. Say shame on us (baby mamas) and advise her to accept the simple fact that a woman who gave birth out of wedlock is baby mama. Simple as ABC

  10. There is Nothing like a baby mama.
    A baby mama is just a stipulated societal name to derogate the image of the woman in question,as a matter of fact,
    It’s honourable to be a baby mama because a baby mama is a mother.
    Some woman are married without fruit of the womb, a baby mama is far better than them.

    • Stop saying that, they are not better than those in their husbands house waiting upon the Lord. Let me ask you Mr are you God or are you product of such? If you are congrats but those in their husbands house are blessed and highly favored according to the word of God he that finds a wife finds a good thing not for baby making machine thinks

    • Marriage is not the prerequisite to reproduce.
      According to the principle of nature, one plus one is two.
      If two people of the opposite sex come together in matrimony, the result will be a fruit.
      If both of them are medically okay, there’s point waiting on the lord,because good health comes from the lord.
      If a man drops his fertile semen in a fertile womb, conception must take place or vice Verser.

    • Hahahahahahahahaha, i laugh at both of u in Spanish… I hav a lovely son from a baby father who f**k up my basket full of luv…I shuld hav aborted him, right??? or maybe tro him ind gutter for yabaleft to carry my news…. So what am i?? mama baby? since d father is not a celeb. abeg make una go sidon jare…I AM, WILL BE AND WILL CONTINUE TO BE A MOTHER TO MY SON…WEDA OR WEDA’NT BRIDE PRICE. FULLSTOP. l no de form like una fake pple.

    • hahahahahahaaa l laugh at u in Spanish…I have a son for a BABY FATHER who promised heaven on earth bt culd’nt find it so i shuld hav aborted it…SORRY I DIDNT… AM A CARING MOTHER AND WILL CONTINUE TO BE….I dnt live fake life in social media like u pple and am not ready to marry any guy who loves me and dosnt love my child …Give me any name u like… I dnt care cos i no how many pple who are jelous of me.

  11. She is a mother. Weather married or not because she nursed a child she went tru wat other mother’s passed tru some ladies are married legally and till don’t know how to take care of dere children like she said if her man fails in his responsibilities she can’t be stupid rather take up d responsibility only a good mother wont want to see d child in pain

  12. Some girls are indeed stupid Hw could you come out and be proud of being a second hand instead of being ashamed of your self,all in name of carrying a so called celebrity child, The world has really really turn to something else.

  13. WizKid babymama dats what you are and will be course you were not legally married.when you have a child DAT was not properly recognised by law even the child is a bastard so baby mama is even better for you I will even refer to a mama to a bastard child

  14. At late night, wife’s mobile beeps. Husband checked her mobile and got so angry. He woke his wife. Husband (angrily): who is this person saying beautiful??? Surprised wife checked her mobile. Wife (double angrily): heyyy… use your spectacles. It is not beautiful. It is battery full.

  15. Shut up, u r a baby mama. When u girls runaround looking for money and providing cheap sex. U want to called a mother and u didnt do things the right way? So if they call my mum a mother they’ll call u mother too? U no serious.

  16. And who cares u don’t even knw the meaning of motherhood, who is ur husband? Wht is the name of ur husband, by the way r u married? U gave birth to a bastard and ur proud to say am a mother

  17. Wats wrong wit all our celebrities.. Y ‘re dey misbehaving like dis.. is dis d New style.. having so many kids from different women? Is dia a lottery to be won.. or is it a competition? Pls it’s not funny animore.. where is our morals?

  18. Why all these aguements? She has a child for the guy…the child is his baby…and she is the baby’s mother. So he has the right to refer to her as his baby mama…or she want make them call her baby mother? A child is involve and a mother is involve…. So its called…baby mama. End of story.

  19. This girl is a baby mama…weda she like am or not…or she’s wants to be tagged wife of wiz kid? mama is simply a woman one has a baby by but ain’t legally tied by any form of union…u never get husband u born for man u be baby mama.

  20. Why is she complaining?? She got pregnant for a dude that is not even dreaming about marrying her and gave birth to a baby.. She is baby mama nah abi na monkey she born? She is not even the first on the line and not even sure of being the last…. Naija celebs sef,,, having unprotected sex anyhow and leaving kids on their trail…. All these young girls should be careful oo….AIDS NO DEY SHOW FOR BODY AND E NO DEY FEAR FACE,FAME OR FORTUNE…..

  21. Go ye Into the world and multiply !!! Oya all bea wey dey run after celeb oya mk una receive sense fast cuz dem no get anything gud to offer yu na only to put u In motherhood line won’t even mk yu dre wife na baby moma go be una title to cum settle down In future go be wahala cuz u be single mother…abeg mk una fink twice oooo won’t blame d celeb na woman I go yarn d truth…all dat glitters aren’t gold… I rest my case…

  22. We know you are mother, you actually gave birth to a baby but how do you want nija to address you…something like” wizkid baby mother or mother of wizkid baby..gosh! That sounds awful! You why nija gave you a swagger name ” baby mama” you should be thankful and relief yourself of headache and insults!…..cheers!

  23. Mtchewwwwww!!! Are u married to the guy u had the baby for, abeg go and sleep, motheer indeed!
    Ure a baby mama, take it or leave it!
    If u don’t want to be insulted, u should have waited for wizkid to marry u now,

  24. She is a mother I agree with her. Everyone can’t be in the category of “a lady taken to the alter and married to”.every one has his/her life to live. Don’t judge her. She has the right to say what she is.. Please……….

  25. D one wey born first him no marry, u don follow born ur own before we go know another girl go born the third.girls make una try get value for body abeg. Next thing WizKid go leave u go marry one girl wey no ever exist for una ear.

  26. Exactly…She is a mother…to her baby. pride price??? som do eleborate weddin bt are stil runin helter skelter for a baby. she didnt say she is a married woman but a mother and she is right. all if u now comment all sorts of tins as if ur saints…wat abt u guys, dos ur gal friends, hav u paid dia pride price?

  27. The fact that she gave birth 2 a child, she is qulified 2 be called a mother, abi wetin d pikin go call her ” baby mama” or “mother”? Pls now i knw dat d insult have gone frm ashawo wey born 4 huz 2 baby mama.. Even 4 moda’s day her pikin go celebrate her as mother not baby mama, abi e get date 4 calender wey we dey celebrate baby mama’s day? Na wa ooo

  28. Na baby mama you be Na, what’s the noise about? You gave birth to a baby abi? If you were married to him that makes you a wife not a mother!…baby mama… mother all na semantics abeg, you born baby and na you be the baby mama shikena

  29. shame unto you. come to think of it who talk say you no be mother hmmmm for the fact that you have given birth you are a mother for sure cos your son or daughter will address you as their mother. But I you,you don’t want to be a wife just because WizKid is a superstar and you opened your legs wide enough for him to play for you to be a celeb chai shame on to you now what did he address you as ” a baby mama ‘ no need of changing the name cos as far as you are not legally married to him you are a baby mama!!!!!!!!


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