A suspected Kidnaper, simply identified as Lisa was reportedly apprehended, and beaten up by angry mob in Nasarawa state.

According to a Facebook user, Ismail Samai, who shared the story on the platform, Lisa specializes in n kidnapping children and selling them to ritualists.

He further revealed that the suspected kidnapper was caught and arrested yesterday, in Laminga Nasarawa local government area of Nasarawa state.

His post reads,

“A warning message to the parents please be aware of this dangerous people this is the suspected woman called Mrs Lisa was caught and arrested yesterday in Laminga nasarawa local government nasarawa state she’s kidnapping small small children selling them for money ritual.

“She said that they are everywhere please and please take note don’t allow your children to go far and for those going to school should also careful with this dangerous people. thank you for bearing with me on this medium.”



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