A heartbroken woman has taken to social media to narrate how she contracted HIV from her cheating husband.

The mother of one who shared her ordeal in an emotional TikTok video said she decided to get tested due to her husband’s incessant cheating habit, which she kept forgiving him for, and sadly, the results were positive.

She stated that for four years, she had to put up with one cheating scandal after another, until she decided to take another test after delivering their first child.

The woman broke down in tears at one point in the video as she revealed that she has never cheated on her husband and that it’s quite sad that she’s in this predicament as a result of his infidelity.

“4 yrs I kept in forgiving a cheating husband and it resulted me from taking ARVs for the rest of my life. I was married and faithful to my husband. I got pregnant and went for my first clinic and I tested HIV negative. I willingly went for another test when my baby is 1 yr old and I tested positive,” she wrote.

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In other news, a Nigerian lady has disagreed with those who claim flying in an airplane is not an achievement as she reveals what she would do if she enters an airplane for the first time.

Speaking in a trending clip, the young lady who has never been to an airport talk more of taking a flight, said she would make a big deal out of it when she eventually enters an airplane.

According to her, she will post pictures and videos of her experience on social media.

She said that won’t be even enough to express her feeling of fulfilment as she would also send the photos to people’s DMs.

She said if they don’t view it, she would go to their houses to show them the pictures personally so they will know she has entered an airplane.

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