Woman creates

A video that captures the moment a woman created a big scene in the reception hall of a Nigerian bank has been shared online.

The woman reportedly stormed the bank to demand for a refund after N600,000 was debited from her account without a plausible explanation.

In the viral clip, the woman said she had been saving her money at home and robbers never stole from her, but when she decided to deposit the money in the bank presumed to be safest place to save money, she has lost all her life savings.

The aggrieved woman, who was prancing barefoot in the banking hall, is seen crying and demanding for her money. However, none of the bank staff attempted to console or attend to her.

Watch the video below,

In other news, a lady identified as Velo has shared how she traced and recovered her stolen vehicle by herself after police told me it will take them 48 hours to do it.

Taking to the microblogging platform, Twitter, Velo gave details of how she bravely went to the location alone and picked up her car.

According to Velo, she woke up, discovered her car missing, and saw CCTV footage of thieves making away with the vehicle. She shared the location of the car with the police and they told her it would take 48 hours to send an official to try and retrieve it from its current location.

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