A woman has gone online to plead for advice after her husband threatened to take a second wife because all of their children are female.

She admitted that she had so far given birth to four daughters, but her husband was disappointed that she hadn’t given birth to a boy.

According to her, her husband informed her that if their fifth child is another girl he would marry another wife.

The woman noted that she is confused and despite her pleas to her hubby to see that female children are gifts from God, he refused to listen to reason.

In her words;

“Dear readers, please help. I am a married woman with four(4) female kids, my husband told me last year that we had one more chance and if the fifth one is female, I should consider adopting a male child or he gets a second wife. I just gave birth to another female child.
I am so confused because I know he would come up with those options soon. Is it really the fault of a woman? What do I do now? I Have tried to make him understand that female children are gifts from God but he said he needs male child/ children that will represent him when he is no more. Your Candid advice please.”

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