A Nigerian lady has taken to social media to lament and vow never again to trust in family love after her younger brother, whom she had sponsored to school, fled with her 30 million naira.

In a video that recently went viral on the internet, a lady called out a family member as she lamented how siblings sometimes turn out to be the reason for the downfall of their loved ones.

The woman described how she supported her brother’s needs and paid for his education through high school and undergraduate studies at the university.

She mentioned her intention to get him a master’s degree in the UK. She claimed to have previously secured his admittance to the UK and to have partially covered his tuition costs with a payment of $3,000 in the UK.

The distraught woman revealed that she gave her brother N30 million so he could apply for his visa at the embassy. She left after that to go on vacation for the summer.

Sadly, when she came back, her younger brother had left the house with the 30 million naira she had sent him and his belongings.

The sorrowful woman has voiced her grief and said that she no longer believes in the adage “family is everything” since her brother has proven her wrong. She also vowed to stop paying attention to that proverb.

Watch the video below:

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