Woman defends

A woman who disclosed that her husband slept with her three weeks after childbirth has spoken in his defense after he was called ‘abusive’ by concerned netizens.

The woman, identified as @her_talking_pen on Twitter, had revealed the intimate information about her marriage while reacting to an ongoing discourse about the appropriate time for women to resume sex after childbirth.

Some Twitter users pointed out that medically, six weeks is the ideal time for a woman who just welcomed a child to abstain from sex so she can heal properly. However, some women revealed that it took several months before they could have sex again.

Responding to the discourse, @her_talking_pen expressed shock that husbands wait for six weeks before sleeping with their wives, and revealed that her husband had sex with her three weeks after childbirth when her tear had not fully healed.

This stirred an outrage among women on Twitter who slammed her husband for being rash and inconsiderate towards her. A curious tweep also asked if the sex was painful, and the woman disclosed that it was “very painful”.

Following the heavy backlash meted on her husband, the woman jumped to his defense and said she was not abused because she “consented” to the sex.

“U guys should be calming down o. I was not abused, I consented. It isn’t so deep 🤣. He is my husband and he is a sweet soul. He needed it and I consented. It should b up to d couple to decide when’s comfortable. No be fight. How did we get to the “that’s an abuse” part biko?” she wrote in a follow-up tweet.

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