Ennang Wushikka from Pankshin LGA, Jos, shared the pictures of her baby who was born without an anus.

According to reports, the woman had been delivered of the baby at home. It was however after the delivery that she noticed that her son’s stomach was getting swollen; and after taking him to the hospital, doctors revealed to her that the baby’s anus opening was not there.

Doctors at the state specialist hospital revealed that the case is not new. The medical condition is known as Imperforate anus.


The defect is one which is a congenital condition (present from birth). Those affected usually have no opening to their anus, as it could either be completely absent, or blocked. The anus is the opening to the rectum through which stool leaves the body.

The doctors warned if nothing is done swiftly, the baby might die. A surgery has to be conducted soon to carve out an anus for the little baby for him not to die, they said.



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