A young Nigerian man has caused a stir after he shared his criteria for choosing a wife.

The man, identified as Mazi Ifeanyi, said in a post via his Twitter handle that a woman he will marry will have to stay with his mother or sister to learn how to prepare his food.

According to him, this is an important criteria because he’s selective when it comes to food.

Speaking further, he averred that the marriages of older generations lasted longer because the women treated their husbands like “kings” and worshipped them.

“I’m quite selective when it comes to the food I eat. Any woman I would marry would have to go stay with my mum or sister for like 4 months to learn how to prepare my food and know my preferences…. Any woman who isn’t ready to learn from my mum can’t be my wife !!!” he tweeted

When a Twitter user countered him, stating that he should instead teach his wife how to prepare his meal, he retorted that a man has no business in the kitchen.

“A man teaching a man how took ? That’s a taboo a man has no business with the kitchen”, he wrote.

See his post below,

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