Woman laments

A Nigerian woman is currently in severe pains after she was served quit notice by her landlady just after she spent heavily to renovate her apartment.

The heartbroken lady took to social media to share a video of the apartment while renovative work was ongoing to bring it up to her standard.

Sadly, after spending a huge sum of money and time to renovate the apartment, she received a quit notice from the legal representative of her landlady, instructing her to vacate the premises before February 28, 2023.

Woman laments

Sharing a photo of the quit notice, the tenant wrote, “If you think heartbreak is painful, read the last paper.”

“My heart is paining me,” she added.

See below,

The woman’s dilemma has sparked mixed reactions online as some netizens sympathized with her while others reprimanded her for renovating a rented apartment.

Actor, Stanley Nweze wrote, “You don’t need to renovate another person’s house, it’s not yours, rent a suitable place, Atleast not a place that would need so much renovation….. even if there’s something you need to be put in place, tell the landlord afterall it’s his house”

@rhukieee wrote, “Did you seek permission before renovating someone else’s apartment???”

@_havfy wrote, “Just get a good lawyer for compensation and move on. It’s his house after all…”

@thefoodnetwornig2 wrote, “This is why I’m not in support of “rent a cheap place, then tush it up to your taste”
It’s such a risky thing to do.
If you have money, just rent your exact taste! Renovating another man’s property without a written terms & conditions is not a WISE thing to do ….”

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