A Nigerian lady on Twitter took to her page to share screenshots of the messages she received from a man who came to repair her AC in Abuja.

The AC repairer sent the woman a message shortly after the repairs to praise her for not being a “runs girl“.

“At least your not a runs girl you have shop. Unlike this girls roaming about congrats ma ,” the AC repairer told Twitter user @elharsh.

But the woman wasn’t cool with him shaming other women so she told him to take his praise back – she then played on his senses by telling him she’s also a runs girl and it’s the money from being one that she used in opening her business.

Rather than backtrack, the AC repairer praised her for being honest with him and for quitting her ‘runz life‘ because some women “carry it to their husband’s house“.

But the woman trolled him further by telling him she hasn’t stopped and it’s a lifetime business.

Read their exchange and some Twitter reactions below,




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