Kenyan man says

A Kenyan man has sparked outrage on social media after he shared his unpopular opinion about women who gave birth via cesarean section (CS).

The computer scientist took to Twitter to argue that women who gave birth via CS did not ‘labour hard enough’ for their children and so do not love them as much as women who gave birth naturally.

According to him, such women did not feel the pain of childbirth because they were sedated with anesthetic drugs during the surgical procedure.

He tweeted:

“UNPOPULAR OPINION: Mothers who gave birth through cesarean section(CS) don’t know the pain of giving birth. They didn’t labor enough for the child hence they don’t really love their children. They only know surgery pain which is reduced by anesthetic drugs. Anyway, what do I know?”

See below,

This has sparked outrage online, with many criticizing the man for downplaying the pain of childbirth, whether natural or CS.

@bissy_bae_bee wrote, “What about the healing process?….Wetin this one dey talk?”

@nnenna_blinks wrote, “Thank God for social media we can see the Ba-boo-ns amongst us.
Imagine you not being mother enough because you birthed your child through C-section. There are alot of them Roaming around with this mentality. God help us.”

@divasbeautyskincarespa wrote, “Don’t even go there o, I have gone through both and I can tell you that c.s is more painful , I didn’t get up until after 5 days and the pain can’t be compared, for normal delivery I ate almost immediately,and stood up immediately,but for cs I ate after 2 days, and didn’t walk until 5 days after then I wonder why people prefer to go through c/s instead of normal delivery, the pain is less for normal delivery.”

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