Nigerian man says
Cropped shot of an attractive young woman lying on her sofa alone and suffering from period cramps at home. Ouch! My tummy! Woman with menstrual pain

A Nigerian man has taken to Twitter to wonder why women of nowadays complain about menstrual pains whereas the older generation never did.

Nigerian man says

According to @iamkingmonye, the older generation of women did more tedious chores like fetching water while they were on their periods, yet they never complained about cramps.

He tweeted,

“I don’t know why women complain about Menstrual pains these days, our grand mothers cooked, fetched water with those cramps and nobody heard any complain from them.”

His tweet has sparked mixed reactions online as people, especially ladies, tackle him for questioning their body.

See how some reacted below,

@daystarr222 wrote, “Stay out of lady’s business can’t tell people how to react to pain you have no clue abt .. I have sister that go through this and it a fun at all”

@oluwapelumii__ wrote, “I wish God can just give you a day to check it out. Some of you will just open mouth and be saying nonsense 😒”

@jst_flxre wrote, “I know someone that whenever she’s on her period, it’s like she’s down with malaria. Menstrual pain varies in different women, some people have it really bad but some others are lucky enough. So because one person doesn’t complain does not mean it’s rosy for others”

One Tomiwa wrote, “Bro this generation eat lotta sweet things …they know it’s increases the pain but they’ve got a sweet tooth…they take excess soda …lotta chocolates and candy…its the rate at which they consume soda…”

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