A Facebook User, Cyprian Akabudike is currently trending on social media after he ‘attacked’ women for ‘making noise’ during child birth.

According to him, he says the ‘noise’ are unnecessary.

The man remarked that since animal like chicken, snake, goat and other animals can give birth without any assistance by nurse, why do women now make noise during child labour.

“Even these animals could lay eggs without the assistance of a nurse or anyone. But women go dey make unnecessary noise for labour room like say na by false to born pikin. If you never strong , shift joor.”


  1. I think this man is suffering from bipolar depression or rather he doesn’t have a mother to share him her experience.He talks like a fool he needs rehab urgently.Abeg no allow women curse you o

  2. This one no be human being maybe he fall from heaven,ozowo mumu,na this kind of man dey beat woman,all ladies beware, this one na animal

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