Nollywood actress, Imem Peter has shared her opinion about the major problems of women around the world.

imem peter problem

She made this known via her official Instagram account on Sunday, October 15.

According to her, the male specie are the major problem of women and women would be happier in a world without men.

Her post reads,

“Women are much happier without men. Men are women’s major problems.”

Her followers have taken to the comment section to falsify her claim, see some of the comments below,

closetfigure wrote,

“I don’t think so. I love my husband o”

force_chilling_on_success wrote,

“Don’t speak for all women, you the only one unhappy, the rest are doing great😂”

Edidiong Akpan wrote,

“this is hasty generalization. Doesn’t hold true”

jzealmedia wrote,

“Ha, Big lie. Women are most times the problems of themselves in disguise. I have met women who confessed they didn’t know what they wanted. There’s many of them outside putting blames on men.”

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