Popular Nigerian singer, Ahmed Ololade, better known as Asake, has declared his desire to collaborate with Kanye West, the successful American rapper.

This was revealed by Asake, who prayed to God to enable the partnership, in an interview with Billboard News.

He stated that he prefers to collaborate with musicians he knows and is comfortable with.

Asake said,

“For me, I need to like the person before I can make music with you. I need to be comfortable with you. Not even because of the music alone.

I’m not saying I can’t make music with other people but I like real energy. If you like me beyond the music, it’s good. But I need to connect with your music, I need to like the person I want to work with first so it won’t be a problem for me. There must be synergy.

I have been saying this thing since; maybe God will do it. I will like to work with Kanye [West].”

On the huge explosion of the afrobeats genre globally, he said, “It is like you having a baby and your baby is growing. You know, you feel good when you have something around you and the thing is growing.

In a couple of years, it [afrobeats] will be bigger.”

Watch him speak below.

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