Popular Nollywood actress and businesswoman, Caroline Danjuma, has said she would love to go back to her ex-husband, Musa Danjuma.

Caroline and her ex-husband, billionaire Musa Danjuma, ended their nine-year marriage in 2016.

However, in a recent interview with media personality Innih Emah, Caroline stated that she would love to return to her ex-husband.

The 35-year-old actress, who acknowledged that her marriage ended in 2016 due to some “irreconcilable differences,” noted that she wouldn’t have left her marriage if she had the experience she has now.

Her words,

“They were just some irreconcilable differences that if I was of this age and the experience I have now, I think I would have handled it better.

“He [Musa] would always be the love of my life. He is the father of my three children. He is the one I said, you know what? this man is worth being my husband. So, yes, he would always remain the love of my life and that would not change.

“I would love to marry again whether it’s my ex-husband or a new amazing man that God sent, I would want to have a family. Yes, I would love to go back to him [my ex-husband] or if God says, this is the man you are going to marry. I just want peace of mind and happiness. As I get older, I just want someone that I can build with and I can have peace of mind with. Peace of mind is more valuable than money.”

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