Tolani Baj says

Big Brother Naija reality star, Tolani Shobajo popularly known as Tolanibaj, has berated the current rave to own a Range Rover at all cost.

Taking to Twitter to share her bias, the 28-year-old influencer said she would rather drive a Toyota Corolla than an old model Range Rover in Lagos state.

Tolani Baj says

She said purchasing an outdated model of the luxury car when there are newer models of other brands at the same price denotes that the person is trying too hard to belong to the league of Range Rover owners.

“I’d rather drive a Toyota corolla than drive an outdated range rover in this Lagos. It’s giving….. “I must belong”” she tweeted on Sunday, October 10.

Tolani Baj says

A while back, Tolanibaj revealed she absolutely love living a simple life and she gave a very copious reason to backup her words.

She wrote on her snapchat ;

I love living a simple life.

Imagine tryna be a Lekki big girl hahahahaha

Some of y’all faves are depressed because they can’t keep up with the luxe lifestyle that they’ve created online but can’t afford in real life.

Must be exhausting to constantly feel like you’re in a competition.

Elemi loma last.

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