For most people, when it comes to dating an ex’s brother or sister, the general rule is that it is one of the worst things you can do.

Sometimes, people find love in mysterious ways and in strange places. So what if you find love with your ex’s sibling? Would you go ahead and get married to him or her? Here’s what some celebrities think;

No, it would complicate things- Kelechi, Udegbe, Actor

No, I won’t. My reason is simple. Things will get complicated later especially if we still have feelings for each other.

The best bet is to put a good distance with my ex. We could still talk, but we’ll avoid close contact.

Yes, of course! – Bose Oladimeji, Actress

Of course, YES! If he would be better than his brother, why not? If he would give me the joy that I wanted from his brother, why won’t I marry him? There’s nothing new in this world and one man’s meat is another man’s poison. As long as there’s love, there will be no problem. Yes, if we’re happy together- Keira Hewatch, Actress

NO way! – Nkechi Emannuel, Actress

For me, I think it’s a No No, since the person is related to my ex by blood. Even if I’m in love with the person in question, I will ‘unlove’ him immediately. What is love? Love is ultimately a decision… So, in that case, I can also take a decision to ‘unlove’ him

It would breed bad blood between the sisters- Kennyblaq, Comedian

I can’t marry my ex’s sister because such marriage will be filled with a lot of trust issues. I don’t think any woman can tolerate her husband’s ex even if they are related. That means every family gathering will be a time bomb that could go off if I get too close to her sister. Moreover, I don’t think it’s fair to be the cause of that kind of bad blood between sisters.


  1. Frome one family member to another,na king’s crown?? I wan be Oba for the family?

    That same thing that made me and her sister breakup definitely will still make us break up again,then the whole family will start lookinq at me as a flirt…why dnt i just respect myself?

  2. I can neva do relationship wf any man nd hv sex wf him…Is fornication if i do it…Any man dat wants sex in relationship i end mata wat..Bc my mind is free…If his sibling came for my hand in marriage..I WILL GO

  3. Is not a big deal some part in igbo or Agbor even marry their sister husband if her sister is late….it can be some how ok for men but some women also marry their husband brother if she love the family

  4. Hmmmm is very risky ooo for me especially cos anytime me and my ex dey for somehow place omo we go like mistakenly and blindly chop am and clean mouth till people go catch us. So for me capital NO I too get control no dey for this one ooo

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