ciara shoe size

Lol… So it looks like popular foreign dancer cum singer, Ciara has a really really happy feet! So happy the feet is that it’s as large as that of male’s.

The size of the singer’s feet has got social media users, most especially on Twitter absolutely stunned!

In these photos from the Seattle Seahawks’ training camp, both Russell Wilson and his wife, Ciara, appear to wear virtually the same shoe size.

According to Nike, Russell Wilson wears a size 13 sneaker. His hands measure about 10.25 inches.

As ruler below the photo above measures, Ciara’s shoe size is about a 1/4 inch less than Wilson’s. That means her estimated shoe size is a whopping 12 3/4 inches in men’s shoe size, i.e 45 and a half.

According to estimates, the average height for American women is 5ft, 4in. Ciara is 5 feet 7 inches tall, which perfectly explains why her shoe size is so big.

See some Twitter user’s reactions below:

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