Tee Billz rants

What is really going on?

Instagram is currently making waves as Tee Billz, Tiwa Savage‘s husband came out to accuse her, few minutes ago, of sleeping with men she works with.

What’s not sure is if probably, her husband’s account has been hacked or he is actually the one letting the cat outta the bag.

Tee Billz called his wife, Tiwa Savage’s mum a witch, accusing the singer with all sorts of infidelity and out-of-wed-lock affairs.

He claims he made her a superstar and she will never have peace with her fame.

He is even threatening to commit suicide ..

While this looks like some hacking stunt to us, we can’t be so sure so the couple need to clear the air as quickly as possible before it becomes a really big deal.

Read Tee Billz’s rants below:

Tee Billz rants1

Tee Billz rants2

Tee Billz rants3

Tee Billz rants4

Tee Billz rants5

Tee Billz rants6

Tee Billz rants7

Tee Billz rants8



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