A Man took to Facebook to share a news about a suspected internet fraudster who was arrested after he was caught using his young nephew for rituals in Lagos.

The Facebook user identified as Odueko Olumide John, revealed that the alleged Yahoo boy who goes by the name Tunde Owolabi popularly known as ‘Money Talks’ was caught using his elder sister’s son, who is only 7 years old for money rituals in Ikoyi, area of Lagos State.

The suspect who took security operatives to where he dumped the boy’s corpse is currently in custody and helping the police with investigation.

The post sparked outrage as facebook users rained curses on the suspected ‘yahoo boy’

Yahoo Boy reportedly caught

Yahoo Boy reportedly caught

The rate at which young people are trying to ‘get rich quick’ is quite alarming, as they would go to any length, just to stack that money up and get fat pockets.



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