Music producer, Samklef

Nigerian music producer, Samuel Oguachuba aka Samklef, has weighed in on the controversial debate about if it is a wise decision for abroad-based Nigerian men to bring their Nigerian wives abroad.

Music producer, Samklef

The debate started on Twitter after a man disclosed that majority of Nigerian women end up of filing for divorce few years after their husbands bring them to the UK. This caused an heated debate on social media as both genders attempted to defend themselves with real-life stories.

Reacting to the controversial conversation, Samklef opined that most women’s true colours appear when they relocate to a Western State.

He further advised men to marry their soul mates to prevent unnecessary stories when they eventually bring their wives abroad.

He wrote,

“Some Nigerian women once dey get into the western lifestyle it is finish. Some wey their mouth be like razor blade b4, once dem enter Yankee e go turn to sword. Pls marry ur soul mate. Make ur life no turn to living hell”.

See his post below,

Music producer, Samklef

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