Ycee advises Efe

Nigerian Rapper, and Jagaban Crooner, Ycee has advised Big Brother Naija winner, Efe not to put all his money into music. Though he says if music is really something he’s passionate about, then he should turn deaf ears to people who says he shouldn’t venture into music.

Ycee noted that Efe already has the fame, and if he really puts his time into making good music, then he’d liely go far.

In his words:

“Regarding what he wants to go into.. You know, I haven’t listened to any of his songs. But lot of people are saying he shouldn’t do it. He shouldn’t take his money into music. I feel if music is something he is really passionate about and he really wants to do it.

I think with the amount of money, and the amount of popularlity he’s been able to get from big brother, if he works on his craft, it’s not just having passion for music, but taking that time out to create good music… Music that people can actually enjoy. He’s already gotten the fame, so that takes away like 90% of having to be patient and release music from time-to-time.

All I’m gonna say to him is, Don’t put all your money in music. It’s not venture that it’d yield money like asap. It’s like all the people you see making it, they actually started out from time.

So it’s not something you wake up today, and you’re a star. It take s along process.”

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