A young lady has taken to social media to warn against substance abuse as she reveals the adverse effects on her body.

The lady, a 23-year-old model identified as Sharlyn Kamara, who once weighed 64kg with a curvaceous body, revealed how she lost her weight and her backside, which was the envy of many, following an addiction to crystal meth.

Kamara claimed that the addiction caused her to lose her job, her relationship, and her weight, which went from 64 to 45 kg.

In a lengthy Twitter post warning against drug abuse, Kamara said she has quit and is gradually getting her body back.

In her words,

“My name is Sharlyn Kamara, I’m a 23 year old model and I’m telling my story to the world. Crystal meth addiction is the worst thing I’ve ever battled throughout my young life, I don’t want to keep this, despite the fact that my family might find it, it’s not easy even now I’m still struggling despite the fact that I decided to quit last year.

I was weighing 64 kgs, then started weighing 45 kgz in no time, my skin got ruined and my mind was bothered, still got horrible eating habits, lost a good business deal and fumbled a healthy relationship today.

I’m trying to pick myself up, after a lot of effort I now weigh 53 kgz, Crystal meth assuredly brings 99.9% harm to your life, causes heart issues or escalates them and can lead to death easily.

If you’re using it I know it’s hard, despite the fact that we always know the effects we just don’t want to quit, but it’s now or never, you need yourself more now than ever, put that foil, lighter and bong down , try to feed healthy, stay away from all the environments and friends that are still using , you can do this…”

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