Yemi Alade who made waves with her single, “Johnny”, took to her social media page to attack folks who are fond of begging for money or other material things on social media.

According to the singer, she wants a stop to the activities.

She wrote: 

“Seriously begging on social media should STOP. NO BE ONLY YOU DEY HUSTLE. if u wan work send email to my label. Work plenty.”

Meanwhile, It has been a few months since Yemi Alade released her third studio album, Black Magic, and she has stayed hot on our radar since then by releasing videos for some of the standout tracks off the album.

Now, she has released her first single since the release of Black Magic, “How I Feel”, and it’s definitely a vibe.


This song is nothing like the Yemi Alade we usually get, as it’s a simple love song without her staple ‘Mama Africa’ vibe.

On this song, she bares her heart, explaining how she feels towards her significant other: “I’ve fallen completely, my baby you too set oh, my baby you get sense oh”.

The mid-tempo beat leaves a lot of room for us to hear and appreciate Yemi Alade’s impressive vocal range, which rarely gets the love it deserves. While the song gets a bit repetitive after a while, it’s a very sweet and lovable song and we would like to see Yemi Alade on this form more often.

You can listen to “How I Feel” below:




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