Veteran Actress, Georgina Onuoha has slammed Desmond Elliot over his speech on social media regulation at the Lagos State House of Assembly.

georgina slams Desmond

Recall that the actor cum politician slammed Netizens, celebrities and social media users over some unruly behavior displayed on social media. He said there is a need for the lawmakers to take action against social media usage, otherwise Nigeria will be gone in 5 years.

georgina slams desmond

Desmond Elliot was dragged to filth by social media users for his anti-social media bill statement.

His colleague in the movie industry, Georgina has also condemned him for failing to use his political voice correctly.

According to her, Desmond has lost his sense of belonging since he started eating from the table of corruption.

Her post reads,

Power does corrupt indeed.

What the fuck are you talking about @desmondelliot ??? You are not making a damn sense Shola??? Are you mad?? Because you now eat from the table of corruption, you’ve all of a sudden lost your sense of belonging?? I’ve always believed that power corrupts, but I held Hope high for you and could swear for your character as a man and as a person. Apparently you are now at a place of convenience, you now think you have the audacity to talk down on the fingers that fed you and the people whose wings propelled you to where you are today?? Fuck you Desmond. Not too long ago at Lagos State University, people like me were giving you transport money to catch a ride back home. You’ve forgotten where you come from… omashey oo. Pele Politician., the youths are waiting for you come next election. Oniranu jatijati.
Desmond I expected this same level of passionate speech when the youths were being killed at Lekki tollgate? Where were was your outrage?
I’ve not seen your speech condemning the Nigerian Army or your Governor who lied about it!!
Where is your passionate speech regarding police brutality against the Nigerian youth? Where is your passionate speech regarding the pains and sufferings of the Nigerian youth.. that everybody believed would make a change by advocating for the youths and less privileged because we all come/came from nothing to become who we are today but you’ve forgotten that.
I’ve truly lost every atom of respect and love I have for you.
You are better than this Shola ! What happened to you Shola Onyema Desmond Elliot?
I’m waiting for your passionate regarding the untold hunger amongst Lagosians and the high unemployment amongst our youth? You feel differently now because you don’t know what it’s like again to go to bed hungry with zero hopes for tomorrow? Omashey oo.
Where is your outrage addressing Mr Speaker in your parliament?? Have you forgotten Desmond??
Don’t betray who you are and your conscience.. Power is momentary .. don’t lose your soul.
You truly disappoint me and all who loved and cared about you and what you represent.
It’s truly a shame Desmond.


  1. Just like many of us knew that money is the root of evils I just want us to understand that no matter how honest you might be once you have made up your mind yo run any political offices in Nigeria just forget it them will manipulate you the rate of evils doing that is involved in Nigeria politics 95% of them so disgusting.

  2. Desmond is a bigger fool than I thought, truly he has lost all sense of reasoning and conscience simply cos he now drinks and eats with the corrupt hearts of this fucked up nation. No doubt you’re still a kid at heart. Idiot!

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