Pastor reveals

The founder and leader of Kharis Church in the United Kingdom, Pastor David Antwi has said that anyone who plays instruments in church and collects money is a thief.

Pastor David Antwi stated this during a church service. He said such a person is satan’s cousin.

Antwi called all the instrumentalists in his church to the front of the congregation and told them that:

“If you play the instruments in church and you collect money, you are a thief,” He said

Pastor David Antwi’s assertion has garnered several reactions on the internet, majorly negative comment with some questioning where this was stated in the bible and a few also questioning his calling.

Many are of the opinion that instrumentalists or musicians working in the church should be paid for their skills.

Watch video below:


  1. Any pastor that preaches and collect money is a thief , onye oshi , ore , kpalawo ! All of you pastors that say members should pay money for prayers and sells anointing oil and collect consultation fee are agent of darkness.
    Imaging as you black like my village darkness at night

  2. That’s not true o
    Some church have a lot of activities and needed a drummer who will always be available at anytime such drummer can not work so the church will provide something for such drummer by giving them salary to survive

  3. What about you that is collecting offerings eh what will I call you.don’t forget that were you are working that’s were you will eat o

  4. Everyone that God called to work in His vineyard has to be paid unless you don’t want to collect, so the Pastor is thief for he wants to eat the church money alone.

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