Nawa oh! Someburri’s wife, someburri’s grandma is who this one is saying is turning him on… That’s how you identify people who like MILFs… SMH…

So a guy went to the comment section of the veteran Nollywood actress, to say that she is turning him on… Has he no respect?!

The actress shared a video on her IG page, showing her singing and having fun with some friends only for this user, @malikgidi to write that she turns him on…

This raises the question though, whether the veteran actress should be flattered or feel disrespected… What do you think?





  1. Still gat the video of miss anambra lesbianism video..indicate if u need…
    i take pleasure from wot brings pain to women becos of wot they’ve cost me and I am gonna revenge their deeds till I die..so help me GOD

  2. Seriously? Its not the mama that’s turning him on, the guy need money and her “money” is turning him on. Talk of gold digging, its not only girls that looks for aristo now ooo even guys don dey search for cougars too


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