A Nigerian man has expressed disappointment with his girlfriend for charging his mom after making her hair in same hair dressing salon he paid for.

The boyfriend who had told his mom to go and make her hair at his girlfriend’s salon, later discovered that she paid for the service.

He then confronted his woman about it, but the girlfriend stated that she wasn’t ready to mix business with pleasure, stressing she couldn’t reject the money his mom offered.

The boyfriend quickly reminded her that he helped set up the salon by paying rent, providing for her needs, hence why she shouldn’t have charged his mom.

He went further to tell her that if she must collect money after making his mother’s hair, she should have asked him to pay and he would have gladly paid.

Feeling let down by her actions, the boyfriend expressed regret for investing in her, noting that she spoilt the one opportunity she could have used to bond with her future mother-in-law.

Read their full chat below;

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