Nigerian Author and former President Goodluck Jonathan’s ex-media aide, Reno Omokri has advised women on how to be prudent with their spending.

Reno Omokri bone

He frowned at the idea of a woman having a bone straight hair which is expensive, yet asking for $100 urgently.

According to the author, women should learn not to only focus on their wants and beg people for their needs.

Omokri explained that bone straight hair is a want, so anyone who has such expensive hair and still goes ahead to request for $100 needed on an urgent basis will not get it from him.

”Bone straight hair is a want. You can’t have it and send me a ‘I urgently need $100’ text. Your urgency is self inflicted.

Accommodation, feeding, clothes, are needs. The more you spend on wants, while you have pending needs, the more you sink into poverty,” he tweeted.



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