Nigerian actress, Toke Makinwa has urged fans not to always try to be strong as they are humans and should admit they can get hurt and feel pain some times.

The controversial OAP, admonished fans in a series of tweets to allow themselves to be emotional sometimes as even in moments of hurt, the last thing they will do is to pray.

According to the once divorced socialite, it is very normal for one to feel disappointed, betrayed and feel a loss, however, that feelings does not make you weak because it proves that you are human.

In her words;

All that stay strong, trust God, don’t lose faith talk is not without days of real pain, days when praying is the last thing you feel like doing, days when your faith is totally gone, it is part of it, life is a journey. Feel your emotions in peace

Nobody knows how long the affliction of Job lasted for, we are told he never cursed or doubted God, he was strong, etc but I’m sure he had days of immense sadness, disappointment, bitterness and pain too. It’s all part of it, let yourself feel all that emotion, u are human

Part of your growth – you growing, is your ability to “feel” too, you don’t have to be strong all the time, it’s ok to feel that disappointment, loss, betrayal, let yourself go and feel the process. It doesn’t make you weak, you are HUMAN.

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