Twitter relationship adviser, John Doe has stated that if a guy marries a woman who can’t cook, he might not survive past the age of 60.

According to John Doe, the type of food a person eats starting at the age of 40 affects how long they live.

John Doe advised all women to develop healthy meal preparation plans and portion-control skills for their husbands.

He wrote;

“If you marry a woman that cannot cook, chances that you’ll live longer than 60, is slim.

What you consume after 40, will determine how long you’ll live. Every woman MUST study how to prepare healthy diets, & take control of what her husband eats

Indomie generation. End.”

In other news, a Nigerian man has opined that any man above the age of 25 driving a car worth 5 million naira is considered poor.

The man made this controversial assertion in a viral video, stating that any man above 25 years old with a car worth 5 million naira should not feel fulfilled or accomplished.

According to him, such a man is considered behind and wretched. He added that the car befitting a man above 25 years old should cost around 20 to 25 million naira.

“If you are above 25 and still driving a car worth 5 million naira, you are a poor man, and you don’t have money. Don’t see yourself as a rich man. There is no level. You should be driving a car worth 20 to 25 million naira”, he said.

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