South African rapper, Sesethu Myeki, better known as Big Xhosa, has issued a public apology to his girlfriend for cheating on her multiple times.

In a post on his verified Instagram page, Xhosa shared a photo of the two of them together and admitted to being unfaithful to his partner.

He, however, noted that although he’s sorry for being unfaithful to his woman he cant stop cheating.

Despite his infidelity, he professed his genuine love for her and thanked her for forgiving him for the 15th time.

“I love you, but I can’t stop cheating, but that don’t mean I love you any less. Please forgive me, cos I’ve forgiven myself. You are not a fool; it’s me, I’m sorry, cuz I know if you ever did me like I did you, it would be long over by now, unfair. Thank you for giving us our 15th last chance. I love you.” He wrote.

Xhosa’s public apology has generated mixed reactions from social media users. See some comments as you scroll.

An Instagram user wrote, “Wahala 😂😂 it’s even better not to tender any apology sef 😂”.

“That’s why men have a higher standard than women. They don’t sit around to tolerate rubbish. But women, we swallow and endure nonsense. An wonder why we keep getting nonsense behavior. Raise your standards ladies.” Another user added.

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