A newlywed photographer has taken to his social media page to announce his new status in a nonconventional way.

The man identified as Jeanios had previously tweeted that he was attending a friend’s wedding on Saturday, Nov. 19.

“Attending a friend’s wedding today,” he wrote

He then shared an update on Wednesday, November 23, to admit that “unknown” to him, it was his wedding.

In his words;

“If I tell you people this thing, you will not believe me. Ashey I was the groom. I don’t know how come. As I got there they just told me to start dressing up and be smiling for pictures ear and dear. Anyways, happy married life to me.” he joked

Netizens teased him for announcing his wedding like a typical deceitful Nigerian man but he cleared the air that he was actually Togolese with just a sprinkle of Nigeria.

“Unfortunately I’m not fully Nigerian. I’m Togolese with a sprinkle of Nigerian blood.” he confirmed.

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