The video of a lady bragging about having sexual intercourse with the father of the person who broke her heart is currently serving rounds online with people wondering whose father she slept with.

In the video, the lady refers to her heartbreaker as one “John” and shows him angles of his supposed dad’s house to let him know that indeed she’s slept with his father as revenge for supposedly breaking her heart.

Watch the initial viral video below:

After the video went viral on social media, the lady reacted saying she only made the video to “catch cruise” and wasn’t intended the way it has been portrayed on social media.

She made another video on her page to say she doesn’t like the way “her name is being dragged in the mud“. Watch the new video she shared,

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  1. Who is at the losing end ?
    There is always a standard in life ,don’t expect people to appreciate you for doing a bad thing ,you are totally a disgrace to your parents

  2. Are you trying to say you didn’t knack John papa abi you dey try cover up… Remember no be every thing dem dey use catch cruise…

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