A young man was captured on video fuming after his girlfriend of barely two weeks took most of the expensive outfits he had in his wardrobe.

In a video that was shared on social media, the young man is seen in the video engaging in a phone conversation with the said girlfriend who he asked if she’s mad and also if she knows the price of the clothes she took.

He’s seen lamenting to his friend who was recording him, about how the girl took most of his expensive clothes. He then shows him hangers that held his clothes being free and without clothes on them.

Watch the video of him being furious as you scroll,

In other news, a suspected internet fraudster (locally known as Yahoo boy) has gone viral on social media after a video of him sobbing bitterly about how difficult it is to cash out found its way to the internet.

He was praying for a wealthy client to locate him so that his efforts in his chosen career would not be in vain and he would be able to live like a big boy.

The young man specifically stated that his preference is a wealthy foreign client with a generous heart.

”Omo just 1 rich client with giving heart locate me’‘, he captioned. Watch the video here

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