Atlanta Police Department have declared a young woman wanted after she allegedly stole $1 million worth of jewelry from an elderly man she had sex with over the weekend.

Young woman declared wanted

According to the police, the woman introduced herself as “Sasha” to the man whom she met at the Hide Kitchen & Cocktails on Roswell Road on Saturday.

After meeting, they reportedly left and went to the Tattletale Lounge on Piedmont road for an hour. After which the man took her back to his room at the Westin Hotel, where he had $1M worth of jewelry secured in a safe.

Young woman declared wanted

They reportedly had sex and the man fell into a deep sleep afterwards. According to him, he believes he might have been drugged because “he has never slept that hard.”

When he finally woke up, “Sasha” was nowhere to be found and he discovered that the safe was open with all of his jewelry missing.

The man said he doesn’t know how she was able to unlock the safe. According to APD’s report, chains, bracelets, a Rolex, and charms were allegedly stolen.

CCTV footage shows the man and “Sasha” in the hotel lobby around 3 a.m. on Saturday. Further investigation shows that his room was opened around 5 a.m.

Young woman declared wanted

According to APD, the man was able to identify the woman in a photo lineup. She was identified by police as Shirley Azambuya, an Atlanta woman in her 20s.

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